How To Earn Fees

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The video above walks you through the whole process, including running a test transaction, but here are the individual steps:

Prerequisites: WP install with the Crypto Exchange Plugin activated, an ethereum wallet on Metamask with some ETH for gass fees.

Step 1: Log in to Totle’s Partner Console:

Connect with MetaMask from the crypto wallet you want to use.

Step 2: Create & Deploy new Totle Partner Fee Contract:

Name your contract (for your own personal records), input the ETH wallet you’d like to collect fees to, set your own fees and deploy the contract.

Step 3: Check out your new contract and copy the contract address

Step 4: Paste your contract address into the Cryptocurrency Exchange WordPress Admin page and click “Save Changes.”

Step 5: Depending on your WordPress setup, you might have to delete or flush your cache.


Go run some transactions and test that all is working properly. Return to the Totle Partner Console to check out your volume and collect your fees! Here’s what the contract page looks like after some transactions: